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Search Engine Marketing &Website Design

If you have stumbled onto our website, chances are you’re looking for a little help with yours. If experience is any indication then you are probably a small business owner. You run a tight ship on a tight budget and don’t have time or money to waste. You’ve probably heard everything in the way of “ranking number 1 on Google” and online marketing. We won’t insult your intelligence with any false promises or outdated search engine marketing strategies.

What can our web design company do for you?

That depends on what type of person you happen to be and how your business operates. We’ve learned over the years that everyone is different and every business is truly unique. Some clients come to us with a vision and we help them refine it and bring it to life. If on the other hand you’re looking to simply trust the professionals, then our passionate team is here to handle everything for you.

The benefits of working with Known Technology

  • Clients that work with Known Technology experience fewer technology headaches, an improved online image, increased company visibility in the market, and business growth
  • We offer affordable web design quotes and extended payment plans
  • We take the hassle out of technology

We are conveniently located in Libertyville, Illinois. Our web design firm serves clients from Chicago all the way up to Milwaukee. We’ve completed over 200 web design projects in 70 different industries. Contact us today for a complimentary web design quote.